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The Automobile Corner of America is a one of a kind destination for those who want a deeper look inside the restoration and history of classic cars. Here, you can take a tour of two beautiful facilities, RB Collection and the America On Wheels Museum, where you will find several rare and unique vehicles. This location is the first of its kind, combining a museum and live restoration experience.

     The space now occupied by the AOW Museum was formerly the offices and meat processing plant of Arbogast & Bastian (A&B Meats) in the 1900's. The Klein Building (erected on 1895 by Tilghman & Shadt Co.) across the street was later incorporated by A&B Meats as a storage building. 

     RB Collection, originally located in Breinigsville outgrown its former space and needed to expand due to business growth, leading them to the abandoned Klein Building. So, the Ruozzi brothers decided to purchase and renovate the historical building and relocate there to create, along with AOW the Automobile Corner of America.

     “Right from the beginning there was a shared vision between Alex, Al, Scott Unger (Executive Director for AEDC - Allentown Economic Development Corporation) and me for what the Klein Building could be and what its reuse could mean to the redevelopment of Allentown’s Waterfront,” said AOW Executive Director Linda Merkel. The ACA was an excellent project for the benefit of the City of Allentown.

     “One of the reasons we purchased this building was because of its proximity to AOW. We knew there would be a huge synergy,” said Alex Ruozzi, who co-owns RB Collection with his brother, Al Ruozzi. “The location of our facility is key.”

     Being neighbors, it was only natural for the partnership to bloom since both venues focus on classic cars and have a goal of providing education to the community. The purpose of the joint tour is to educate while enhancing the museum experience. Visitors can learn about the country’s history of over-the-road transportation at AOW before crossing the street to learn about the process of restoration at RB Collection’s unique Restoration Center and show-room.

   “Visitors see the beautifully restored and maintained cars at AOW and don’t realize how complex and difficult it is to restore a classic car,” Al Ruozzi explained. “So now they can come across the street to our shop and see the cars currently under restoration by our professional technicians.”

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